Happy Tuesday all! i wanted to share one of the things i will be participating in for the upcoming New Year. i have had so many d.i.y. and re-vamps on the back burner since early this year and i feel allot more pressed to start posting them now.

I also have been motivated by this great Flicker group started by Rachel of Smile and Wave and Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, two of my favorite bloggers! The group is called Project Restyle.

You’ll notice the link button like this on the right side panel of my blog. you can click on it and get more details about the group, the mission statement, how to participate, or if you just want to browse entries by members for some cool revamp d.i.y. ideas.

I lOVE the concept of this group and the gals leading it too. vintage re-vamp has always been in the fore front of why i love fashion so much! it is one of the reasons i studied fashion design and is how i got into my first University; by presenting my own re-constructed vintage garments in my portfolio back in 1994. 

So know i want to go back to my basics and get motivated on sharing ideas and start re-vamping the pile of neglected vintage garments in the corner of my room! i also love the idea of bringing a vintage garment back to life and/or giving it a new life; it’s part of bella vintage’s mission statement.

You can do soo much for a fraction of the price as well and as a single mom being able to do that helps! thank goodness i love wearing vintage!

Please do share in your comments if you join and any links to your own d.i.y.’s; i would love to read them!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a “what i got for Christmas” post. not to many things, but things i sure do cherish!

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