Hi All!

I have been gone for a week, i hate when i go this long without blogging! i have so much to blog about and the post ideas just keep piling up. getting to the pile at this moment has been the challenge.

Production and sampling at Misha LuLu is on full force along with family coming in for Christmas and the endless rain that has been falling on California just makes things a little more hectic.

I will be working this week on trying to balance a better schedule. 

Meanwhile I wanted to mention “My Christmas Wish List” i compiled for  Karen on the Misha LuLu blog

I love how she did this collage especially the way she cut me out and stuck me back in the 70’s! check out the full post HERE and other “Christmas Wishlist” post series she’s been doing on le Misha LuLu blog. their are some great list on there! an eclectic mix of wants!

Be back tomorrow on some of my catch up blogs!


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