Happy happy Monday all! this weekend felt like one of the fastest weekends in a while. we were very busy bodies this weekend and it was full of fun and friends!

Friday Zoe had a birthday party to go to of friends from school. i like the fact that most of the parents know each other so it’s always nice to socialize with them when they stay at the parties. i feel it’s very important knowing the kids parents and it breaks those barriers of not knowing your “neighbor” in a sense.

Then it was Little Tokyo Saturday and Unique L.A. on Sunday. blog post on both will follow for my “week in pictures” post. 

I have a very busy next few weeks, not only with Bella Vintage but MUCH to do over at Misha LuLu world! i’m going to do my best to stay on track this week..

So these lovely garments by Australian Designer Karla Spetic caught my eye. i sooo love the print or more like photographic print on them. the color palette of her Spring / Summer 11 collection is so powdery and pretty. 

They have a pretty hefty price tag on them, but it doesn’t cost anything to admire..

Here are some closeups so you can view better:

from her runway show.

wishing you a lovely Monday,



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