Happy Tuesday! i really fall in love with Etsy more and more every time i go exploring new shops. I have two new shops i have added to my favorites list and easily can be on my “all i want for Christmas list”. 

The first store is call love mae store. they offer the cutest array of wall decals.
i love this vintage forest wall decor. i have always seen the solid color ones but this retro looking one is by far my FAVORITE!
And this dress up doll wall decal would be so much fun to have on the wall. love all the colors, outfits, and the concept itself.

Second store is sassy sadie lee. they offer a great assortment of one of a kind retro hang tags for any occasion. i always like bringing a touch of personalty to any gift be it a hand written card or one you designed yourself; these would make great additions to adding a kitschy vibe to the gift.

This one would be cute to give to mom as a Mother’s Day card, retro mom / daughter time tag.
I have many more i will be sharing, i’m also going to be doing a buy “Etsy” gift guide.

Wishing you a blessed afternoon!

source: etsy store’s love mae store and sassy sadie lee.



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