Is to go back in time! the 1960’s to be exact. my three favorite vintage era’s that i would go in a time machine for is the 20’s, 60’s & 70’s. all era’s are pretty much awesome but if i were only able to choose three those are it. so much design innovation went into those years as well as my favorite fabric prints. 

These are my time machine wants, replica’s just don’t do it for me except in clothes..:

Either one of these in my kitchen. although i have a feeling Zoe would want the pink, but yellow is one of my favorite Mod colors in furniture!

The rounded floral seat cat and all. and isn’t that swing seat in the corner amazing!

This living room! especially because of the skylight and it’s flowy colors.

This ad is the best! pretty much what Mod space age design was all about. i just want the simple yet gorgeous dresses, glasses and helmet.

Ok have these Ray Bans ever been re-made? They have to but again would love this vintage pair.

I want all three patterns, oh especially the plaid ones. looks like i’m on a searching mission for them. i just might run into a pair, thrifting..if only.

Any cool vintage Christmas wants are your list? please do share link if you like!

source: 1960’s Ad book


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