a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

Happy after Thanksgiving! Zoe and I arrived very late last night 3 a.m. to be exact from Vegas and i am pooped. today has been a catching up and recovery day for me. the food coma has pretty much dragged on for the last 5 days. i ย self indulge at my mommies home!

but now it’s back to the work grind and i am very much looking forward to it. i feel that i would love to get a better consistent work flow while away on holidays. i think it’s one of the “self employed” aspects that is always behind the head, no work no salary. although i do have two jobs, my vintage shop is my baby i’m still trying to grow.

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

this GORGEOUS dress has been in my closet for a few months calling to me to be worn. i actually was contemplating on selling it, but some items you just have to keep it because it’s truly one of a kind!

it’s an amazing vintage 1970’s maxi dress with embroidered cotton floral design panels, a panel of lace, ribbon, and super cute bell sleeve. i wanted to take the photos outside but it was way freezing and settled for mom’s Christmas decorated hallway.

we had such a great meal and time celebrating as a small family (most of my family is in Miami & Honduras), despite missing my other half we made the most with our time together. being thankful for all we have and finished the night playing black jack and a movie!

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

a Mexican Thanksgiving fiesta

DRESS: vintage 70’s lace and embroidered maxi dress (found at a farmers market)
SHOES: vince camuto western clogs
ACCESSORIES: vintage 70’s glass owl pendant (given to me by my best amiga)

How was your Thanksgiving? would love to hear your stories!


  1. I've been trying to figure out how to maintain a consistent work flow over holidays and vacations for 4 years. I usually just cram a week's worth of work into a couple of days and prepare for things in advance. If you figure something else out, let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

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