Happy mid-week! i wanted to do a Birthday post on Zoe’s birthday, but i’m way behind on post! but i wanted to share this one picture for two reasons. first, i love that we are lined up by different generations; second, it captured a very fun night on a very important birthday, Zoe’s big 13! it’s a picture of my mom, me and Zoe. three different generations, offspring’s of that wonderful women to the left..

one memory that will always be dear in my heart was when Zoe and i were moving across country from Atlanta to Los Angeles. the trip was us three gals in the largest U-haul with my car latched on in the back. it was awesome drive on an open road, through several states, different views and several conversations. i think that’s something we can check off our list to have shared with each other! Love you ZOE & MOM!

Oh yeah and in-case you are wondering, Zoe has surpassed both of us in height!



  1. that is a truly beautiful picture 🙂 I love how you can look at each and one of you and see the other two in each other's faces 🙂 (I hope you don't take that creepy) I think family portraits like this are the most stunning and you girls are just that! 🙂

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