Happy Monday! i have many collections i have started, such as my vintage scarf collection and 80’s memorabilia collection. but the one which i’ve been called a pack rat and hoarder for is my magazine collection. although i got called these names when people helped me move or saw my stash; i am thankful i kept the collection to look back on the fashion of the day. it’s my own archive which i started when i was a teenager knowing then that i wanted to go into fashion design. 
so this week i’m looking at 1996 and i am smitten by this orange Chanel dress! in all my 18 years of thrift shopping i have never ran into a Chanel. i’ve ran into Karl Lagerfeld, Hermes, Valentino, Lanvin…but no Chanel! this would be the perfect dress i would want to score, here’s to hoping..
Have any of you scored thrifted Chanel? please do share..
source: Vogue 1996 


  1. I don't remember the 90s looking that good! (although i think i was still in stirrup pants and mary janes at this point.)
    I keep dreaming of the day where i come across some amazing piece with a label that makes me gasp. but that doesn't happen much here.
    I'll just be content to come across something perfect for me and label-lacking for now though.


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