Happy Tuesday guys. this week already seems to be flying by. T minus 8 days till Zoe starts school, excited for her although she’s not ready for her summer to end!

I have not done a “Week In Pictures” in ages! this segment is pretty much my hobby of photographing or documenting what i’ve done or seen through-out the week or the things Zoe and I do.

This week i’m starting out with something Zoe said is pretty gross but i was fascinated by. thank goodness i spotted these eggs that were literally right under my door hanging before they hatched. i’ve ran into these suckers before and right away recognized they were black widow eggs. i did not see mama and i scooted them over to destroy them unfortunately, but i did not need to have these suckers hanging around. one almost bit Zoe already, serious heart attack moment!


i started to burn the eggs and all these small eggs came out, it looked like hundreds of eggs i was so creeped out and fascinated at the same time. their were three egg sacks in total and when i burned the other one hundreds of baby black widows came out. that moment i could not capture because i was busy killing each and every one of them before they hung around my house; i am itchy just thinking of it now. sorry if this seems icky but i am fascinated with things as such; that’s why i love watching shark week, reading up on spiders and watching documentaries on the worlds deadliest insects. i’m like that with about most any subject i stumble upon and captures my attention. i have to read up about it and find out everything!

Anyways moving on away from spiders, i had the best Sunday hanging out with a new friend and listening to a great church teaching that went straight to the heart. we also ended up stopping by a flea market in Silverlake in L.A. and met a great gal who transforms found objects into anything she creates it to be. she made some really cool necklaces out of the end of a spoon and also used the other half of the spoon to make other necklaces; talk about letting nothing go to waste! she’e real sweet and i enjoyed meeting her, she just opened an Etsy shop but is till pending setting it up, i’ll be linking her when she does.

Family and friend time is always the best!



Then we hit this food truck..

Which i forgot to take a picture of the most tasty hot dog i’ve had in years. it was a gourmet dog topped with some type of basil leaves, string sweet onions, avocado and a vinegrette; it was delicious all for a mere $6 dollars!

L.A. is known for their gourmet/general food trucks and i heard that every 3rd Fridays of the month over 30 food trucks gather in Venice Beach for a food truck explosion. all types of different foods imaginable are all there! this particular truck is going to try to do “The Great Food Truck Race” from the Food Network Channel next year. i thought this was great, although they scare me a bit i think the gourmet trucks have a higher standard of food service though.

Then we headed to Larks in Silver Lake and had the best cupcakes hands down!



The icing toppings on these were to die for, such a perfect balance of creamy / not to sweet. really it was perfection in the taste buds! if any of you live in L.A. or come visit check it out HERE.

i had a great mini adventure this weekend i could not have ended it any better!




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