ZOE’s HOME!!!!!!

Zoe arriving from Miami

Zoe’s home!!!!! tanned and looking 5 feet taller. i was so bummed to see the picture came out blurry, i did not have a steady hand when i took it; i was shaking so much from excitement in seeing my beautiful girl!

I missed her so, and held back tears while trying to get a proper hug from her. she was so embarrassed i made such a big deal of her arrival, but her smile on her face said everything.

(picture note: she’s throwing a peace sign, almost looked like something else)

We talked all the way home, it felt as if she never left. we picked up pizza from the Village Pizza in town, it was the best tasting pizza ever! got soda and dessert and watched all the recent Project Runway episodes, something we enjoy doing together because we gab about all the garments made. so much fun! so “Chick Night” is back on, can’t wait to start the adventures of Gisela and Zoe once again here on the blog.

i’m off to enjoy her her company once again; we are using the yard sale funds to go do some decor shopping for her room and some back to school shopping too!

hope your all having a joyous weekend as i am!


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