Happy Wednesday guys! i know it’s been pretty quiet on le blog my week started up quite eventful with my mom’s surprise visit from Vegas on Monday. it was nice seeing her and seeing pictures of her trip to Honduras which i’ll share later about, so needless to say i was unable to blog. then yesterday i built my dress form which was a nightmare because the large metal spring which is suppose to slide to the bottom wouldn’t; it was stuck and i battled with it for an 1 hour 1/2..i was pooped and had calluses on my hand from it, good news i got it unstuck after almost coughing up a lung..

and today i started to concentrate on shooting as much items as possible so i can update the shop steadily for the next two weeks with a good 100 items; having the form now will help that goal finally become a reality! i will still have live models because i like showing both perspectives as i mentioned on a previous post but i will get ahead of the game getting as much inventory up as possible in the shop.

it will be quiet on the blog for the next two days, but i will be back to regular blogging this weekend..thanks to you all who support my blog!

wishing you a good night~



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