Happy Saturday! i’m running late this morning having woken up at 10. YES 10 is late for me since i am an early bird, i LOVE mornings and when i wake up around 7 i have a full day to enjoy. at the moment i am listening to This American Life a story about urban legends. i have a long day ahead preparing for a photo-shoot tomorrow with the lovely Steph, also cleaning house since Zoe will be coming home soon.

with that said as i began my morning (now afternoon) ritual reading my favorite blogs and Etsy store front shopping, i ran into some great vintage pieces from fellow Etsy vintage sellers. i can spend my whole day looking at vintage clothing! here’s what i placed in my favorites…

that heel that bow..enough said…
Starlet Vintage

the pleating on this dress is lovely
Prance And Swagger

i can never get enough of vintage sailor dress’s
Thrush Vintage

a 2nd one from Thrush, i love the print and front pleating.
Thrush Vintage

a great alternative to the high heeled clog out now, they look so still mulling these over..
Sally Jane Vintage

now to work..wishing you all a lovely Saturday!


source note: all stores on etsy


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