I LOVE Saturdays. i started my day off by heading to the farmers market and hitting up Gloria, the best tamale maker in town..that was breakfast and it was soooo yummy. i pretty much have tried all types of food, and i have to say i never tire of Latin food. i’m originally from Honduras so i grew up with it all my life, it’s so full of flavor it’s the best! i think that’s why enjoy Indian food so much, because of all the spices.

i also ended up buying an Aloe Vera plant as well, as you may notice you can see a bit of my leg injury and i hear Aloe is the best remedy for healing it and to have less scarring. then i hit up Peets Coffee, their coffee hits my brain big time. i forget all i need is a small cup of their drip coffee. i was on caffeine overload pretty much all day..


so with my little morning outing and it’s heat, i decided on a nice flowy floral top with cut Levis. i pretty much have had to wear skirts, dress’s and shorts all week because my injury was so painful. i have been living in this hat this summer, i’ve had it for 3 years and barely wore it until now; Zoe hates it, not sure why?! the woven slings i found in a thrift store in my recent San Diego trip in two colors, the brown ones i’m wearing and black (as seen in my previous outfit post).

i’m hitting Renegade Craft Show tomorrow, i’ll need to find another comfortable summer outfit since it’s an out door event. it’s a scorcher in L.A. right now, at least there’s no humidity unlike Miami where my Zo Zo’s at…


outfit: vintage 90’s floral top (in shop now), cut up Levi jean shorts
hat: F21
shoes: vintage 80’s woven sling backs



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