Yay Happy Thursday! i am quite impressed i stayed on track with my blog..that was one goal i had set up for this week and am happy to have accomplished it. next is my store, really it should come first but it’s tough when i only have about three hours at night to work on it. but with only one more month left before Zoe gets back, I need to get on track on all the updates and squeeze in as much work as possible. it gets allot more hectic when the full load of juggling motherhood, full time job and part time job are in full swing.

i do have a few announcements to tell. i am working on one of my biggest updates ever, with over 80 items being photographed with a new model next weekend. this whole weekend is my time of preparation and i am excited! the model is the cutest blogger and has many amazing talents, which you’ll hear more about next week.

all the pretty patterns coming soon..

a wonderful friend and graphic designer is currently building and designing our landing page for! it will be a nice addition for the easier navigation to our shop, blog and social sites. it will also have an about me section which will be nice to share my story on how i got into vintage clothing and into fashion design. it also paves the way to eventually setting up shop with a few of my own designed pieces (but that’s still a bit down the road)..

i also will be taking the time to finally finish more designs for my skeleton key necklaces that i hope to hit the shop by next week. i will have a variety of designs, long pieces, short pieces and in different metals, yay..


i’m looking forward to Renegade Craft Show this weekend. i hope to meet bloggers and some of my favourite crafters. i will for sure be taking lots of photos and finally revive “My Week In Pictures” post once again..

wishing you a good night!




  1. i have so much respect for mothers, especially working mothers. i honestly don't know how you do it! excited about this new site, sounds great! and i am so curious to know what your shoe size is now!!


  2. I can't wait to see all of these pieces in your shop. and an 80 piece update!? Wow, lady. Impressive.

    I keep reminding myself to get as many of my ducks in a row as possible before the kiddo gets here. I still have 6months, but I'm using you as inspiration for a working momma. 🙂

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