Happy Monday! wow already the start of a new week. i have been nursing an injury from the fall i took at my yard sale from the hill top of my lawn. i fell about 4 feet from the ground and scraped the side of a concrete wall, OUCH! i was and am in ALLOT of pain, but that’s how it goes; you just never know how your day will go and end. is OK!

this outfit post flashed me back about 17 years. this pretty much is an outfit i wore back when i was 16, the only difference is that i would have been wearing vintage mens pants and vans.


the suspenders are my original ones that i’ve had since i was a teenager. i never thought of using them again and actually handed them down to Zoe since she wanted a pair. but just as suspenders were used to hold your pants up, i used it to hold the skirt up, which fit a little big; it came back in handy and borrowed it back from Zo’s closet!


the outfit pretty much sums up California living, very casual and very surf / skate inspired. all styles have some root influence. i was about to place the vintage woven sling backs in the shop, but i took a liking to them and think they just may stay mine…


skirt: vintage 90’s (in store now)
tee: target
suspenders: my own from my teen years
shoes: vintage 90’s woven sling backs
hat: F21



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