Happy Sunday all! my whole weekend has been a weekend full of work! i’ve been preparing a bunch of vintage shoes and purses that will be hitting the shop all week long. allot of fun to see some of the vintage i have had stored up; some items i haven’t seen in years..and how marvellous to see that some are on trend right now…

i will be posting for sale my own NOW vintage platform booties from the 90’s that i got when i was 16! darn, i still wish i would of kept allot of my vintage items from my teens, i’m sure allot of us feel that way…back then not knowing i would be a vintage seller although i did desire it along with being an apparel designer…i do feel blessed that i have now achieved both, although more recently i have been putting more effort into my vintage ambitions which has been on the back burner since 2001…ouch it’s been a while!

below is a sneak peak, of the vintage i will be starting to post as of tonight! after i go tackle my storage from my previous apartment which the property manager let me keep meanwhile we settled into our new home..the purpose was to bring everything over a little at a time, and boy wouldn’t you know it i procrastinated and now the apartment has been rented out and i have to get everything out TODAY! jeez this is the lesson i never learn, procrastination NEVER pays off!






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