Happy Tuesday! i haven’t been the best at blogging these last few weeks, it’s been a struggle on keeping a strict to consistent schedule…i am working hard to getting on a good track and well with Zoe’s departure this weekend this will give me more time to take on more work.

my baby is taking off to Miami to her dad’s for an amazing summer full of family and friends..

JUNE 13 2010
JUNE 13 2010

i took these beautiful pictures of her before she left me to my lonesome..looking at these and pictures a month back she just keeps growing and changing literally over night..i can’t imagine how much taller and different she will look 2 months from now when she gets back..wowza

she’s been enjoying taking lots of pictures lately and has become quite the photographer, these are just a few of many that she took of lady bugs in our front lawn..


i will miss her soo..this week will be a bit slow for me in blog post and shop updates while i get Zoe ready for her big trip Saturday..i’m coming back with full gusto next week with lots of new photo-shoots, new model and lots of amazing new inventory to show off..

hope your all having a great night

JUNE 13 2010




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