woah it’s been almost a darn week since i last blogged..the fact that i am still waiting for my internet connection to kick in is one reason, the other is my day job is kickin my butt right now with 20 things to juggle at once..all i want to do is come home feed Zoe and crash!

outfit post sometimes makes me feel a bit narcissistic, because i know this is a character trait which can be innate in us humans and when fed it will grow..but i balance this perceptive out with the fact that i know allot of us bloggers and blog readers quite enjoy sharing and seeing other’s way of styling clothes..at-least I DO and it’s a memory card in my book, it’s also very fun and i LOVE vintage and vintage styling, hands down..i have my friends to knock me of that cloud if i ever go there..

on this day i felt very slouchy knowing i had a long day ahead of me running around trying to get samples made, technicalities done and meetings to be in…i needed comfort!

 OUTFIT POST 5/26/10

 OUTFIT POST 5/26/10



Photographs: Zoe my great photographer (she just had to take one of our house warming gifts, a cute flamingo in our front yard).

Wearing: vintage 90’s electric blue knubby sweater, grey heather basic tee Target, abbey dawn jeans, re-worked vintage necklace by Trixy Jewels (i love love this necklace, can’t take it off), vintage 70’s italian booties

i can’t wait for this weekend me and Zo will be hitting the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and exploring each beach town until we hit Laguna Beach..pictures to follow!



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