Happy Monday! yay me and the Zo-miester are all settled in our new home and i am ready to start cranking out the blog post and vintage updates once again! this week the store will be filled with allot more cute vintage 90’s dress’s..they have been flying out the store..THANK you ladies..I can’t wait to do a “chick night” post which I haven’t done in ages because of all the hecticness.

Zo and I spent our night watching old skate videos..one a documentary about Christian Hosoi..she wants to start learning how to skateboard so i’m basically showing her the history of some of the most amazing professional skateboarders of our time..at the moment her favorite is Tony Hawk..of course, more relatable.

any-hoo we had fun taking these silly pictures..i hope you all have a lovely night and thank you ALL for the well wishes on our move!





  1. Just a quick recommendation for a skateboarder to watch a video on, I suggest Rodney Mullen he pretty much invented 95% of all skateboarding tricks out there. I hope this helped.

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