it was a pretty disappointing movie pick this past “chick night”…i decided to pick a current film since lately we have been strictly watching 80’s films and went with what was edited to look funny Ghost From Girlfriends Past, starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer every big Hollywood film it had the always very predictable plot which in the end “bad boy” always get’s “the girl” tired of these movies unlike the classic films..i know i know i sound like a grouch but i was so annoyed by Mister McConaughey, who always seems to play the same rico sauve man role i had enough! Zoe on the other hand liked Miss Jennifer Garner but admitted to the cheese factor and we had to skip over several overly sexual scenes…it’s rated PG-13 which she’s almost 13 but sometimes you think it’s just language and it looks funny BUT nope it’s all about sex…jeez

currently we both are hooked on 21 Jump Street..we are now on Season 2 doing all I believe 6 Seasons on Netflix through WII..we love WII TV! i realized how much i missed watching this show it was part of my childhood..i was 10 when i first watched it and i had already developed the biggest crush on Mister Depp! the flash back on all the cool late 80’s fashion is the best..oh and Holly Robinson is the cutest! i also had the biggest crush on Richard Grieco but now watching it, i don’t understand why i thought he was so cute…he wore more make up then me! it’s crazy how i’m watching classics (in this case 80’s classics) with, it feels like yesterday, truly…

oooh i heart my acid wash jean jacket…


the later years..i don’t remember Johnny Depp having a mullet..

i had posters like this plastered all over my room…now Zoe is plastering Justin Bieber and Robert Patterson posters all over hers..


he looked so cute as a punk in this episode..

Zozo and i really enjoy where we live in a little town up by the mountains of Pasadena in L.A…it’s so quiet, peaceful and quaint but just close enough to the city which is perfection for still has most of it’s Historical buildings, the town was founded in 1899..i heard that years later it became a hippie community in the 60′ through the 90’ still see allot of that influence here…it has a good amount of “mom and pop shops” and we enjoy walking to them, it’s a nice perk..we have the best local pizza shop and i don’t mind having this as my back drop as we eat..


the backdrop


candid Zoe picture like how i caught it..



source: google images


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