another weekend in the desert picking up my Zo…i actually quite enjoy photographing the sights in these old desert towns…i always wondered what draws people to live so far from the bigger city in the desert, because after all it is the desert…but i spotted some folks on their dirt bikes going in the dunes & Zoe pointed out to a huge red boulder which she said “i would love to stand on it and see what’s far away” so i get the charm and it can grow on you though i forever am a urban city girl…these are moments which also confirm the reason why i don’t get a t.v. for the car, although she would have no arguments against it we would have lost the precious time on soaking in the sights and the endless talking about pre-teen happenings and life in general…i cherish moments like these..

The Desert towns of California are an endless sea of Motel’s and the retro influence is still there..

Desert Signs

Desert Signs

Desert Signs

Desert Signs

Desert Signs

other retro signs, love that pizza place name…

Desert Signs

Desert Signs

Zoe took this picture of me on Route 66 I like how my hair flew up with the wind…we were dying of how hard it was blowing and cold it was…we were cracking up on our way to the car, it felt as if we were being blown away..

Route 66


hope you ALL had a good weekend..any good stories?


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