happy friday! i’m back on line and starting to pick up the pace to a very productive week ahead of me..Zoe is off to Grandma’s for spring break in Vegas for one week..and mom is preparing a big update to the Etsy shop; ultimate goal 100 items in by Sunday…so basically no social life this weekend…which i’m willing to sacrifice to make this goal a reality! i have no time during the week since i work full-time so this is the time to do it!

i will give myself a break to hit the best farmers market in Hollywood on Sunday and take a stroll in down-town for some fabric shopping and jewellery supplies so i can update the store with some necklace pieces too.

no “chick night” post this weekend for me but here’s a picture of our “chick night” last week of Zo…she’s really not drinking any coffee, just some caramel and hot milk..which for her is a far shot replacement for coffee…she loves coffee! thanks MOM for introducing it to her (insert sarcasm here)..

Zoe loves coffee


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