haven’t done a outfit post in forever..i forget have fun they could’s nice to chronicle yourself and see how you evolve in your looks and to see the changes first hand..i think about this now since i’ve hit my 30’s..i’m actually feeling different but not because i’m older but just the way i think and what i’m focused on..although i believe we all tend to gripe about our age, i really do not think about it twice in the terms of looks just more in what i want to accomplish and that’s when the growing older can overwhelm me..i also see it in the terms of my daughter only being 6 years away till she’s off to college..woah that just hit me seeing it on paper..

my style has not changed much in 17 years in the sense of wearing vintage, the only change is in the way i wear it..the age limits in what culturally “you should be wearing in your 30’s” is something i also have been thinking about allot lately but i hate how these things are shoved in our face and in the way it’s done..i can’t even wrap my head around that one but all i know is know your body and what fits best on you..the rest is up to you “style wise” this i believe..yeah i know you also can be looking like you belong in teen voque but then again it’s the style you develop and is it something you can pull off..that’s the question…i’m sure i’ll be pondering this at a later post..


this dress is dreamy, fits beautifully and the details are dainty and pretty. love the ruffle flowy neck line, the fabric which is rayon and the floral print. oh and of course throw in the covered buttons and the flouncy hem and this is a girl girls love.

dress 90’s vintage, tights UO & booties target

hoping your having a lovely night



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