it’s so great to have a lovely daughter and friends know the things you love and give you those things as gifts…i have received some of my favorite items for my home these last couple of months and i am smitten seeing them displayed..

my daughter amazed me with this super cute framed embroidered deer art by artist YetiKat from Hand Made Store On a Bike..go check her site out…she has the cutest frames with owls and other woodland creatures as well other hand made items, which she sells on her bike!..

i actually have had my eye out on the framed art and to my surprise my wonderful daughter got me one with her own allowance..the wording on the art say something else then “don’t mess with me” which Zoe got custom made..and the frame is spray painted to finish the look…i so love it!


then my wonderful friends Rox and Noe know how much i love owls and gave me the cutest handmade wooden one as well as this super cute 70’s yarn knit art which i’m on the prowl for the perfect frame for it…thank you guys!



i love receiving gifts like this and am loving how much more my house keeps getting filled with the neatest handmade vintage / vintage inspired items!

i’m looking forward to this weekend although raining i have lots of crafty things plus store update to finally complete i love rainy day’s for this…

adios ~ bella

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