it’s been pretty crazy guys!….my lap-top is still messed up and i had to dust off the ol” desk-top and buy a new monitor so i can use’s been about two years since i used it last! but it will be my life saver till i get the lap-top fixed..AAAAAAAAND i basically have to download ALL on my hard drive and re-install everything to wipe it clean and start all over again..but of course with two moves of packing and un-packing the obstacles seem endless and i don’t know where my original disk are…on top of that my internet has been down for two weeks with my service Verizon Tech man not coming out to my place till next week Tuesday to fix it….sooo another long week with no work being done and well the lesson of being patient, calm and cool when everything seems not to go your way! which by the way i’m still learning to master…

i will be trying to do my blog post from work on my lunch breaks and hope to be able to be back on track next week…

i haven’t gone anywhere guys so please don’t forget me..hehe..and your reader ship is very much appreciated!



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