i so very much enjoyed my trip to Vegas..still recovering trying to get into the swing of work i pretty much have been coming home and passing out early catching up on zzzz’s..i’m off kilter!

as i mentioned before i had a great buying trip along with le boyfreind..he racked up on some really cool outer wear..a great 70’s sherpa suede vest, 70’s western suede snap button jacket, 70’s leather bomber jacket, 70’s quilted vest & a 70’s velvet fitted italian blazer..oh and not to mention 5 glasses / aviators from the 60’s & 70’s..needless to say he was a happy trooper..the boys tend to have a harder time finding quality vintage goods in the thrift.

i found great finds for the home along with more owl stuff to add to my collection..i got a great 70’s owl art on wooden frame, owl candle holder, vintage 70’s yarn in brown & yellow AAAAAND the best memorabilia from my child hood ever ..original PAC-MAN coffee mugs from the 80’s!

i collect vintage coffee mugs beacuse i love consuming lots of coffee and lots of tea! another collection…it’s hard

hope you all have a lovely thursday…i’m on tomorrow already!



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