small post on recent pictures i took which i love! photography is definitely one hobby that i want to grow my strength in. i love color and photograph anything that catch’s my eye. not only does it capture moments but they can be artful and very inspirational; pictures talk to you.

one of my favorite things to do on the weekends and what makes me fall in love with California is it’s nature and mountains…the hiking here it awesome because in every mountain trail there is always something different to see and it is such a great and fun work out!

this picture is a trail in the mountains up the street from me; Mt Wilson..the picture is of my neighborhood way up high!


this looks like a hand to me and the sky is such a beautiful bright blue background..i love bald trees, you see so much detail

Blue Tree

these lily ponds are at the amazing Huntington Library and gardens..they have just breathtaking gardens and this is one of my favorite pics..highly recommended if you live in L.A. or are visiting, they have all types of gardens rose, desert, Japanese many more.

this inspires me to make a lovely very soft and flowey dress

and this last picture is of me, just love the dress, the flowers and how the colors pop…this dress will be up in the shop soon for sale.again the rose print and colors are great!
Flower Dress

i will be photo shooting this week with our new model Stephanie…THANKS STEPH!!, I did not have the chance to last week so new things will be up in the Etsy shop by this weekend..our eBay store will be up and running again very reluctantly soon(the fee’s are crazy especially now with the pay pal fee hike)..but i know bidding is fun and you can get great deals..

but i would love to hear from you on your likes and dislikes of eBay…just again reluctant on relaunching there again…i’m open to opinions though

good night ~ Bella


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