yesterday we got the sad news of John Hughes passing. my thoughts and prayers goes to his family.

my mini tribute to him is about the many movies he made which i love and own..they were very influential in my life growing up..he really new how to capture the teenage angst..

what i loved most about his films, was how he brought comedy into it without losing the humanity in his characters. you identified with someone in his movie, whether it be the awkward teenage girl with a crush on the popular guy in 16 Candles..or be the guys considered nerds making a perfect girl in Weird Science..or the stay at home dad taking care of his family against culture’s ideal in Mr. Mom…he just brought a sense of realness in all his movies…

of course from his most popular pop cultural ones he best known for now…Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink & Home’s generation love these films although there over 20 years old..they still speak to never get tired of watching any of his films..

fashions were made Andy in “Pretty in Pink”, so called nerds were loved Brian “Breakfast Club”..a little doe eyed kid screamed “Home Alone”…wanting to be the day in a life of the teenage kid who skips school “Ferris Bueller” he really stood out in the crowd of Best Teen Films…today’s teen movies suck (lack for a better word)compared to his..

Breakfast Club

<img src="" width="445" height="418"

Mr. Mom


National Lampoon’s Vacation


Pretty in Pink


Some Kind of Wonderful


Weird Science


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Home Alone


many more to his roster, appreciative of a great film maker and saddened of the loss..his films will live on..



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